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How Much Is Jay-Z Worth? Find Out Shawn Carters Net Worth.

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Shawn “Jay Z” Carter

Date of Birth: December 4, 1969

Profession: American Rapper and Businessman

Nationality: American

Height: 6’2 (1.87 m)


Jay-Z’s Net Worth That Placed Him Second on Forbes Five


Shawn Corey Carter, widely known as the famous rapper “Jay-Z,” has amazingly earned a smashing net worth of $810 million. The staggering digits placed him at rank 2 in Forbes five. Last year, his net worth was around $610 million while he managed to increase it this year, gaining on hip-hop mogul Sean Combs.

From rags to riches, Jay-z made the impossible possible and has now become the undisputed king of Brooklyn New York. Carter, as described in his songs, had it rough in his youth. He was involved with drugs and gun violence.

Well, he has definitely buried those memories in the past. What’s important is what he has become right now. Music changed his life and economic status.

Carter started rapping during his youth as a way to escape from the violence, poverty, and drugs that enveloped his Marcy Brooklyn neighborhood.  Jay-Z and two other friends, Kareem Burke and Damon Dash, founded Roc-a-Fella Records in 1996. That year was the start of his legendary journey. What he has accomplished since then is simply amazing.

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