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How Much Is Ludacris Worth? Find Out Christopher Bridges Net Worth.

LUDACRISHow Much Is Ludacris Worth
Real Name: Christopher Brian Bridges
Birthday: September 11, 1977
Profession: Rapper, Songwriter, Actor, Businessman, Philanthropist
Place of Birth: Champaign, Illinois, U.S

Net Worth: $37 million

Ludacris, born Christopher Brian Bridges, in Champaign, Illinois. At age nine, he moved to Atlanta where he started rapping. He graduated high school in 1995, then continued to go to Georgia State University to study music management from 1998 to 1999.

He has quite a number of sources for such net worth which all showcase his hard work in show business.

He released “Incognegro”, his first album, in 2000. He co-founded Disturbing Tha Peace record label which was later signed and bought by Def Jam Recordings, making him very wealthy at a young age. His widespread popularity made him one of the most successful Southern rappers and ranked him number 20 on the Forbes list of “The World’s Highest-Paid Hip-Hop Acts.“

He collaborated with great artists like Timbaland, Snoop Dogg, Missy Elliott, and many others.

He also acquired his millions from working in different artistic fields such as in movies where he became a memorable actor. He played a main role in “Fast & Furious” installments that earned billions. He also appeared in other motion pictures such as “Hustle & Flow” with Terrence Howard, “Crash”, “New Year’s Eve”, “No Strings Attached”, and TV shows including “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”, and “The Simpsons”.

Like other popular figures, Ludacris had also been offered endorsements. He had endorsements with Tag body spray and Trojan condoms. He closed deals and partnered to launch “Soul By Ludacris,” his own line of headphones. He is also a co-owner of Conjure, a Cognac liquor brand. In addition, he owns several real estate properties.

Moreover, Ludacris is the founder of The Ludacris Foundation, a charity organization he founded with his mother in 2001. They aim to inspire the youth to believe in their dreams, never give up, and work hard to live them.

With all these fields available to him, it’s easy to see how he reach his current  37 million net worth. Needless to say, it may still keep on increasing in the years to come.