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Joseph Antonio Cartegenahow much is Fat Joe worth

Date of Birth

August 19, 1970 (47 Years Old)




CEO, Terror Squad Entertainment





6 ft 1 in


Joseph Antonio Cartagena, more popularly known as Fat Joe, is an American rapper, songwriter, and music producer of Puerto Rican and Cuban decent. He grew up in the streets of New York, and he had to learn to steal to help pay the bills and provide for his family. He has been in the music industry since 1992, and Fat Joe currently has an estimated net worth of $6 million.

In his two-and-a-half decade career, Fat Joe has released 11 albums and has been a featured artist on multiple artists’ own albums and singles which would later go on to achieve fame. Some of Fat Joe’s notable collaborators are R&B songstress Ashanti, female rap icon Remy Ma, Lil’ Wayne, and Latina pop icon Jennifer Lopez.

He even has video game credits as he was featured in Def Jam: Fight for NY as the character “Crack” and Def Jam: Fight for NY as himself.

Fat Joe was 22 years old when his career started and when he signed to Relativity Records. He was one of the few Latino rappers at the time. He was fortunate enough to work with his idol Big Pun, one of the innovators of Latino rap’s formative years. After a moderately successful career as a newcomer, he formed the group Terror Squad with rappers Big Pun, Remy Ma, and fellow Latino rapper Cuban Link. Fat Joe then released his third and most successful album, Don Cartegena, which was his first Gold album, in 1998.

Fat Joe would then go on to enjoy a successful career in the next few years, with his critically-acclaimed collaboration with Ashanti, “Wat’s Luv?,” earning multiple nominations from various award bodies. In 2004, he released the famous club anthem, “Lean Back,” which featured collaborations and appearances (in the music video) by Kevin Hart, Lil’ Jon, Ja Rule, and Remy Ma. This single would also be a catalyst for controversy, igniting a feud with popular rapper, 50 Cent.

In 2013, Fat Joe pleaded guilty to tax evasion charges and was sentenced to four months in prison. While he remained fairly quiet since 2013, he seems to be slowly stepping back into the limelight. Fat Joe recently released a single this year with Remy Ma and French Montana, which had garnered around 19 million views on YouTube in the month of its release. Fat Joe is back with a vengeance, and he wants to show the world that he still has more to offer. Fat Joe has amassed his wealth from a variety of sources including touring, private investments, and features.