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Keep Your Sneakers Looking Brand New With These Tips!


How To Clean Your Sneakers Tutorial
Nothing is worse than watching your new kicks slowly degrade after wearing them out a couple of times. So exactly how do you clean your sneakers and stop them from looking like trash after a couple of weeks. We got you covered. The guys over at High Snobiety dropped this video tutorial that shows us step by step how to clean your sneakers. Check it out below:


Cleaning your sneakers seems so simple until you actually set out to do it. There are lots of factors, such as what material your sneakers are made of, what type of cleaning products you should use, and how you should use them.

To help you figure out how to clean your sneakers, we’ve put together a quick and painless guide on how to clean your sneakers. Watch it here .

The video covers cleaning sneakers made of leather and canvas. Check out everything you need to get started below.

A regular towel
A brush of some sort
Cleaning solution
A toothbrush for hard to reach places
Weather-proofing spray
Whitening toothpaste
An extra set of laces
Magic sponges
A microfiber towel
Quick wipes
A small bucket or container and some hot water
Your dirty sneakers
And an apron or old clothes you don’t mind getting dirty