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Idiot Claims T-Pain’s Money Could Have Prevented His Brothers Death. T-Pain Responds.

T-Pain really shouldn’t feel the need to respond to this bullshit but sometimes you just have to check an idiot. Pain was recently streaming when a troll accused him of allowing his brother to die because he didn’t spend enough money. T-Pain responded with the following:


“My brother just died February 5th, and this man just told me I let my brother die because of the hospital bills, after I paid $2.2 million to the hospital, and he told me if I had paid more money then my brother would still be alive. Money don’t fix everything bro, you’re putting too much power into money why would you think that’s possible,”

Watch the whole clip below:



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#tpain goes off on a man who accused him of allowing his brother to die.

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Social media has definitely¬† allowed everyone a voice but some of those voices shouldn’t even be heard.¬† The person who made this dumb comment to T-Pain is a clear example of that.


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