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DJ Akademiks Wants The World To Know He IS NOT The Confidential Informant In 6ix9ines Fed Case

Tekashi 6ix9ines downfall has been the talk of every urban (and mainstream) media outlet. Along with that comes misinformation, rumors, innuendo and pure speculation.  The latest rumor regarding the Federal Racketeering case involving Tekashi 6ix9ine  revolves around DJ Akademiks.


Akademiks has been accused by various hip-hop blogs of being the “snitch” in 6ix9ine’s crew working with the FEDs.  Akademiks wants the world to know that he is definitely not involved with 6ix9ines case in any way, shape, or form – saying the following:


“has zero connection to this criminal case against Daniel Hernandez & other co-defendants. I view them as good people to me.” He adds … “All these charges are a shock to me and do not involve me. I have never been questioned or much less cooperated in this. I am just a news reporter.”


He also released the following tweet for anyone who didn’t get the memo above:



The FEDs do have an informant but AK wants you to know that it’s in no way him.

Below you can listen to Akademiks rant about Casanova, the media, and more regarding Tekashi 6ix9ine during his full Dummy Boy streaming party below:

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