Is The Big Baller Brand Going Bust?


Big Baller Brand Company may close after manager was fraud


Lonzo Ball and The Ball family are considering closing the doors on their Big Baller Brand. Three years after it launched the family learned that it’s co-founder, and family friend, Alan Foster has been picking the company’s pockets. Ball has cut ties with Foster after it was discovered he “used his access to my business and personal finances to enrich himself” to the tune of $2 million. Ball’s personal financial advisor found that $1.5 million was unaccounted for and Foster¬† “has wired over $474,00 to himself through his Marathon Consulting business.”

Ball also discovered that Foster had a criminal history of fraud. Since Foster owns about 16 percent of the Big Baller Brand and held positions as co-designer and manager of the apparel line, the family may just bail out on continuing production.