J Prince Reveals Drake Has An Unreleased Pusha T Diss Track, A Comment That He’s Now Getting Death Threats For (Video)


J. Prince, a real OG in hip hop, is out promoting his memoir The Art & Science of Respect. During an interview with Sway he revealed that Drake recorded a follow up diss track to Pusha T but Prince encouraged him to shelf it.

Check it out at the 7:17 mark.


In a later interview with Billboard Magazine, Prince revealed that since he commented on the Drake/Pusha T beef he’s received death threats. He said,  “I just got a text on my phone from somebody with a threat about staying away from Pusha-T. I don’t know where it came from, but I see addresses [of people I know]. ‘Keep his name out of your mouth, or else.'” He continued,  “These are real-life situations we have to deal with. I understand where it can go, and I’m trying to circumvent it. But by the same token, I’m really the wrong person to be trying to go there with.”