Ja Rule Owes The IRS $2 Million

ja rule owes $2 million in taxes


Ja Rule is in some trouble with the tax man. Documents have been released revealing that Ja Rule has several IRS liens that total about $2 million. Ja owes the IRS for the years 2005 thru 2008 in addition to 2016. The documents note that Ja hasn’t responded to any notices and that liens were also filed under his wife’s name as well.

Ja is well aware of what a lack of accountability leads to. In 2011, a judge sentenced him to 28 months in federal prison after he pled guilty to tax evasion for failing to pay taxes on $3 million in income. Ja doesn’t seem too stressed about it as he vacations in Thailand with his wife right now. He did announce he is planning a new album with Ashanti.