Ouch: Jazz musician Wynton Marsalis Calls Hip Hop ‘more damaging than a statue of Robert E. Lee’

Jazz musician Wynton Marsalis says rap and hip-hop are ‘more damaging than a statue of Robert E. Lee’

Wynton Marsalis is an undeniable Jazz legend. So when he speaks, the world takes note. He may have ruffled some feathers with his recent podcast interview. Wynton appeared on “Cape Up” a weekly podcast by Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart. During the interview Marsalis shares his opinion on Hip Hop music and it’s a harsh one that does make some solid points.


“My words are not that powerful. I started saying in 1985 I don’t think we should have a music talking about niggers and bitches and hoes. It had no impact. I’ve said it. I’ve repeated it. I still repeat it. To me that’s more damaging than a statue of Robert E. Lee.”


Wynton Marsalis interview is a great listen as he covers multiple topics. From race to  helping the movement to remove Confederate statues last year. He also doesn’t hesitate to share his strong dilike for rap and hip-hop. He discusse the damage he believes the music  inflicts on  African American youth. “I feel that that’s much more of a racial issue than taking Robert E. Lee’s statue down,” Marsalis states in the podcast.


Listen in below and see if you share his view towards the genre we all love so much:

We have to admit he makes some solid points.