Jeezy Calls Tekashi 6ix9ine A “Genius”


Jeezy calls Tekashi 69 a genius

Tekashi 6ix9ine has been called many things but a “genius” is not something you’d often associate with the young rapper. Jeezy offered his opinion on Tekashi saying,  “It’s clear to see he’s an actor. An actor can emulate anything. He was emulating the music and then watching what people did to gain clout and he mastered it, so he’s really a marketing genius when you think about it, but that don’t mean he’s a real individual.” Jeezy continued, “If he played it smart, he’d be in movies right now,”instead Tekashi 6ix9ine is in jail facing heavy time for RICO charges.

In this interview Jeezy also talks about his style of music calling his songs” therapy” and “self help books.”