Jim Jones Say He Passed on Signing J.Cole Cause He Sounded Like Drake


In a recent podcast interview Jim Jones admitted regret for passing on signing J. Cole. The Harlem rapper said, “A little light-skinned kid coming to the studio every day rapping like Drake, And at that point it was Drake [and] niggas didn’t know what to do with no Drake. Drake was just a phenomenon at that point. Shit, you can’t have two of them right now. As you see, it took him a few years after that to kind of find his place and what he wanted to do. He ain’t rapping like Drake no more but when he was in my studio he was.”


J. Cole ended up signing with Roc Nation and becoming a big star with a new album on the way and mobs of fans.


Check out Jim Jone’s full interview with A Wast of Time podcast below.