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Joey Badass Breaks Down How He’s Made Half A Million Already This Year

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Joey Badass Earns Half a Mil in 2 months


Joey Bada$$ may not be a household name but the NY rapper is making bank. He told Tekashi 6ix9ine to have a seat with all his money talk cause Badass has already earned almost half a million in just 2 months.


“All that king talk is cool and all but I just made 100+ racks yesterday off features,” wrote Bada$$ on his Instagram story.He continues to rbeak down his earnings, “Another quarter mil off ghostwriting. Another 120K off an endorsement (front end). Not to mention the half a mil I brought in from touring about a month ago plus I’m going on tour AGAIN, in April. Plus another 300K in royalties coming in this month… Sheesh and that’s just the first quarter, ” wrote Bada$$.