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Judge Tells ‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli He Has To Cough Up His Hip Hop Goods And Other Assets!


picture of Martin Shkreli
Martin Shkreli pictured with his attorney Benjamin Brafman.
Carlo Allegri | Reuters

It looks like Pharma Bro is getting a b^&*h slap from the judge.

Convicted fraudster Martin Shkreli was ordered to forfeit $7.36 million as part of his criminal sentence on Monday. Shkreli must forfeit his stake in the Wu-Tang Clan album “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin” to help satisfy that order.  Shkreli gained infamy as the “pharma bro” after raising the price of the drug Daraprim by more than 5,000 percent, but was convicted of securities fraud charges unrelated to that drug.


Below are the list of assets Shkreli must turn over to satisfy the judgement:

  • 5 million in cash in an E-Trade brokerage account
  • Shkreli’s stake in the drug company Vyera Pharmaceuticals
  • Wu-Tang Clan album Once Upon a Time In Shaolin
  • Lil Wayne album Tha Carter V
  • A Pablo Picasso painting

The douche had good taste in Hip Hop.  Learn more about Shkreli’s judgement in the video below:

Martin Shkreli must forfeit $7.36 million in assets from CNBC.