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Juelz Santana’s Money Troubles May Leave Family Homeless

Juelz Santana home to be foreclosed

New court documents show a judge has approved the foreclosure of Juelz Santan’s New Jersey condo. The now-incarcerated rapper stopped paying his mortgage in July of 2018 and then failed to respond to a lawsuit from the lender. The sheriff will put the property up for auction in order to get some of the $650,111 that Santana owes the bank.

Juelz’s wife Kimbella and their three kids had been renting and living in a nearby $865K mansion but they could be kicked out of that home too. JP Morgan Chase has sued to evict the couple from the property, accusing the couple of “illegally taking possession” of the house and refusing to leave after the bank bought it at a foreclosure auction in 2018. Meanwhile Juelz still has 18 months in jail to serve for trying to bring a gun onto a plane.