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Kanye West Explains How He Got To Work With Dr. Dre

Kanye explains working with dr dre

At a recent Sunday service, Kanye West credited God for bringing Dr. Dre into his life. West recently announced that he would be working with the legendary producer on the follow up album for “Jesus is King.” West explained, “I used to spend all my time trying to make my beats be mixed as good as Dr. Dre.”

Yeezy has long been a fan of Dre, sharing that he mimicked his “Xxplosive” drums during The College Dropout‘s “Last Call” and professed the West Coast king’s greatness in an essay for Rolling Stone back in 2010.

Kanye said went on to explain, “Who knew all I had to do was do an album for God and then Dr. Dre would start mixing my beats? Spend your time on God, and he’ll handle the rest.” Hear West’s comments in the video below.