Kanye West Gave President Trump An Updated Red Hat


T.I., Nick Cannon, Don Lemon and more celebs are going in on Kanye West for his Oval Office meeting with President Trump. Some of West’s more out there topics he discussed were revising the 13th Amendment, releasing Chicago gangster Larry Hoover (“in an alternate universe I am him”), and how West looks at Trump as a father figure. West also said he feels like Superman when he puts on his MAGA hat however he gifted the President with a revised version of the red baseball cap that read “Make America Great.”


kanye west gifts Trump a new hat


West explained to the DC media why he gave him that gift saying “It hurts us as a people, specifically black people, the idea because we say, was America ever great for us? So we made an updated hat that said, ‘Make America Great’ and Trump wore the hat so he is open to adjusting and listening.”



Here’s the full meeting between Kanye West and President Trump.