Kanye West Wants To Minister To People By Starting His Own Church

Kanye West Wants To Start His Own Church


If L. Ron Hubbard can start his own religion then Kanye West can definitely start his own church.  This is America after all.  Via People:


“West, 41, has been delivering his Sunday Service weekly since the beginning of the year, though it’s typically only open to his A-list pals like Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom.

But now he sees value in expanding his service to more congregants, says the source, who notes that there are no official plans in the works. “Kanye has always said that his vision has always been for people from different backgrounds — races, ethnicities, beliefs, politics — to come together to worship God and love other people.

He has talked about starting his own church, and what exactly that would be,” the source continues. “It wouldn’t be the traditional, 3-hymns-and-a-sermon thing. Instead, it would be a way to point people to Jesus through the arts and through a community of people who love and care for each other. He also wants his kids to be raised in faith, and the best way for him to do that is to live out his faith.”


Kanye is an outspoken visionary and even though his mixing of religion and capitalism didn’t sit well with some,  his heart seems to be in the right place.  Would you attend a church created by Kanye West?