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Kehlani and YG Have Broken Up

Kehlani and yG break up

In September Kehlani and YG announced they were dating with a slew of pics and public appearances but it seems their world wind romance has come to a quick end. In November, Kehlani dropped a song detailing a bunch of issues in their relationship during the same time that paparazzi caught YG giving a thirsty fan a kiss.  At this point though Kehlani was singing about still wanting to be Ms. Jackson.


Kehlani is currently in Toronto making music with Tory Lanez but when rumors she was hooking up with him swirled she responded. In a now deleted tweet, Kehlani said, “because i keep seeing this. i’m addressing it. absolutely not. we made a song for my album. i am single. and focused. leave the rumors for poorly paid bloggers.”