This Is NOT Nicki Minaj’s Sex Tape. Despite What The Internet Wants You To Believe.

Sexy-Nicki Minaj Near-Nude Picture- sex tape debunked
Let’s examine the Nicki Minaj Sex Tape rumor.

Nicki Minaj has a lot on her plate right now with all the buzz around her new boyfriend.  The last thing she needs is a sex tape scandal but that’s exactly what one company is trying to pull. An alleged “Nicki Minaj Sex Tape” has been trending on your favorite adult websites so we had to review the video and determine if the tape is real or fake.   (You can skip to the second page if you just want to see the alleged Nicki Minaj sex tape for yourself.)


Is This Nicki Minaj's Sex Tape


Despite Minaj’s sexy persona we are going to have to debunk this video. After some research (giggity giggity), the leaked Nicki Minaj sex tape appears to be a fraud. It appears to be an old scene of a girl from an adult series called Exploited Black Teens. The video gained popularity (again) as people started to comment on the girls looks. The woman featured in the sex tape shares a remarkable resemblance to Nicki Minaj. It appears a company jumped on the opportunity to exploit the look-alike and changed the quality to have the video appear more home made.


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