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Lil B’s Facebook Account Suspended. Find Out What He Said To Get Banned.

Lil B asked his Twitter followers to help him figure out why his Facebook account has been suspended for 30 days. The rapper says Facebook banned him for hate speech against white people but says “Lil B and hate don’t even go together.”

One recent Facebook post said, “‪Do the white nationalist or the kkk or Neo nazis really hate me? I don’t belive it and I love them ! I’m serious I love all humans – Lil B‬.” Another read ““IM WITH THE WHITE FOLKS ALL DAY IN PIEDMONT CA!!,” he wrote on October 2. “WHERE DID THESE WHITE PEOPLE COME FROM WHAT WAS THEY STRUGGLE? PASSED DOWN SLAVE $? – Lil B.”

At one point he even offered hugs to racist so could this all be a misunderstanding? Or did someone report him to Facebook execs for no reason?