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Lil Jon Says He Was Detained in Vietnam Because of Pricey Jewelry Collection

Lil Jon was detained at the airport in Vietnam for nearly 6 hours during a recent trip. Jon posted a photo of airport officials going through his stuff captioning it, “Vietnam got me hemmed up over my iceeeee smh.”

His jewelry was temporarily seized and he was only let go with the help of the US embassy. The raper explained that he wasn’t aware that he had to declare any jewelry he was bringing along that exceeded $12,000 U.S. dollars. The jewelry he had on hand totaled well over $400,000.

Lil Jon detained for 6 hours in Vietnam2

Despite the hold up, Lil Jon was able to catch the next flight to Macau where he was set to perform. He later praised the embassy reps saying, “It’s amazin’ to know that no matter where I travel in the world, if something happens…the US Embassy’s got their citizens’ back! I’m super grateful to them.”