Lil Wayne Cancels St. Louis Show After Being Kicked Out of Hotel

Lil Wayne Cancels show after hotel dispute

Lil Wayne tweeted that he wouldn’t be performing at the St. Louis stop of his tour with Blink 182 this week. He claimed the Ritz Carlton Staff called the police on him and kicked him out of his hotel so he was leaving the city.


TMZ spoke with the Clayton Police Department’s interim Police Chief Mark Smith  who denied the accusation. Smith said Wayne and his crew were never kicked out and left voluntarily after a verbal dispute with the hotel staff. The staff was following up on complaints of marijuana smells coming from Lil Wayne’s room. Wayne and his team have said that was not what the disagreement was about.

Wayne alleges that the the front desk was continuing to forward calls from an obsessed fan to Wayne’s room. Weezy sources said the staff continued to send the call to his room instead of blocking the call, which infuriated the platinum-selling rapper.