Lil Xan Pulls Gun On Man Who Was Taunting Him


Yesterday Lil Xan dropped this comment about an altercation he had with someone at a gas station. He claims he felt threatened and attacked by a passer by regarding old negative comments he made about Tupac being “boring.”

Now the video footage was release of the alleged attack that happened 10 PM Friday in a 7/11 parking lot near downtown L.A. The person shooting the video says he asked Xan why he “talked s**t” about Tupac last year in an interview. In the video below, you can see Lil Xan get really upset when the guy calls him a “bitch.” He pulls out a semi automatic weapon waving it around before hopping back into his Mercedes-Benz SUV with his girlfriend, Annie Smith. We’ll see if this altercation leads to legal troubles for Xan later on.