Guven’s said it had been doing business with Yachty since 2017, sending him jewels that he would later pay for if he decided to keep, including a $175,000 white gold diamond ring, a rose gold Patek Philippe watch that’s worth $195,000, a white gold Rolex for $95,000, and a white gold diamond tennis bracelet for $200,000.

The suit says Lil Yachty paid off more than half of the $600,000 balance for over 20 pieces, but the jewelers said he still owes $233,000. They also said his last installment check for $70,000 bounced.

The jewelers submitted text messages that show Yachty admitting that he owes them money, but he gives them a bunch of excuses on why he can’t pay. “..Bro if I had it I would give it to you,” Lil Yachty allegedly wrote in text message submitted as evidence. “I’m not gone hold u (sic) out if I had it just to give. I have had many bills to pay. Taxes, debt, etc…All that money went instantly. The teeth I just got I traded jewelry for.”

As of this week Lil Yachty hasn’t responded to the suit.