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Listen To Radio Host Danni Star Flip Out And Quit Live On The Air After Co-Hosts Ambush Her With “Model Babysitter”

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Morning radio in Washington, D.C., was LIT! Female radio host Danni Starr had an epic meltdown after she felt ambushed by her co-hosts live on the air. The drama ends with an epic, “Fuck this show, I’m out.”, that we are sure the FCC appreciated.

The beef all started over a simple Instagram DM. See how social media causes so much drama. Seriously though, Danni mentioned to her morning show co-hosts QuickSilva and DJ 5’9 that she was having babysitter issues. She followed that up by explaining that a woman who was a “model” and “singer” sent her a message offering babysitting if the radio personality needed some help.
Starr then mentioned on the air that she wasn’t interested in hiring an attractive woman around her home or her man. This is her right and seems to make sense if you ask us. But her Co-hosts went and invited the nanny/singer onto the studio for a live discussion. That’s where things went south.
After the broadcast went viral, Danni took to social media to address the brouhaha:


As a woman in radio and the media industry I’ve had some awful and uncomfortable things happen to me, but as an empath I know good people and try to see past that. What happened today was stupid and a whole lot of other adjectives, but I don’t believe the guys even thought it all the way through. What was, I’m assuming, intended to be a joke, backfired. They aren’t malicious dudes, I’ve worked with the worst of the worst. And these guys are NOT those guys. Though I think they should have shut homegirl down as my colleagues and brothers , the heat of the moment did not allow it. People are flawed, I’m flawed- and I’m learning that. With the exception of today’s show these guys have been ride or die for me. They are human, they have families and they make mistakes. Thank you for lifting me up, so join me as we show them a bit of grace. It’s a chance for growth. I’m holding out hope that that’s where we are. Opportunities like this allow us to teach men and woman alike how detrimental it can be to stifle a woman’s voice especially as It related to her personal choices. While this wasn’t the best way to kick off International Women’s Day, it is a reminder for me and my sister tribe that women should be unapologetic in their voices, stances and actions.

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