Guns are NOT toys. They should not be used as a prop to display how “gangster” you are. Unfortunately some people find this fact out the hard way. In the clip below a young woman is seen playing around with a firearm she believes is unloaded. You can clearly hear the male passenger state he is becoming “nervous” as a result of her careless toying around. Unfortunately for him, he did not leave the situation.


Warning: This Clip Below Is Extremely Graphic!









Devyn Holmes, 26, is on life support after the Easter Sunday shooting while hanging with pals in a parking lot of a gas station, news station KHOU reported.

Police said Holmes was in the vehicle early Sunday with Cassandra Damper, 25, and another man when the woman began pointing the gun at the camera.


Officers arrested Damper after she allegedly attempted to wipe off the gun residue on her hands. She was booked on charges for tampering or fabricating evidence.

Damper claimed that she was unaware the gun was loaded in an interview with authorities.

The other man involved in the shooting video was not charged.

Police said more charges could be forthcoming.