Nas and Travis Scott Discuss The Evolution of Hip Hop “This shit ain’t easy.”


travis scott gets props from Nas


Nas, an icon in hip-hop and today’s chart topper Travis Scott had a discussion about the evolution of hip hop for a story in Playboy. They talk about how the internet puts the power into the hands of the artists now because they can drop music whenever they want and people will hear it. Nas explained, “Being an MC or a rapper, you got to change with the times. I can stay me, sure, but the challenge is to stay with what’s going on. If you look at the great ones from back then, a lot of them have four albums; they had short careers. That’s changed now. All the restrictions are gone. You can be free to make your music. ”

That being said, Nas admits that staying relevant isn’t easy. Scott admitted,  “When I started, I never thought I could do arenas and be so big that so many people would come listen to the music and know the words.” Scott recently broke a record with the highest grossing show at LA’s The Forum. Nas says,  “This shit is a blood sport. This shit ain’t easy. This is one of the hardest games ever. I love it right now because it’s testing you. What are you made of? Can you survive? What do you have to offer in 2019? Because the moment you sleep, the moment you blink your eyes too long, your spot is taken. And that’s the excitement of it.”

Nas also gave Travis Scott props for his business dealings saying that he lives vicariously through Scott, “You here to do the music and leave your stain on this world. Whether you be in front of them cameras or not, you don’t even care.”