NBA Young And Girlfriend Arrested For Drugs and Disorderly Conduct

NBA Young boy arrested in atlanta

NBA Youngboy and his girlfriend were arrested in Atlanta yesterday after an incident at the Hyatt House Hotel. Police reports say housekeeping entered the room thinking it was unoccupied and when they did so, Youngboy’s girlfriend¬†Starr Thigpen became enraged and attacked the housekeeper. The fight spilled into the hallway and authorities were called.

NBA Youngboy faces charges of Disorderly conduct – Use of fighting words, Disorderly conduct – physical obstruction of another and a misdemeanor possession of marijuana less than an ounce.

The young woman in the hotel room will face the same charges plus a stronger charge of Disorderly conduct – Act of violence toward another.

Youngboy’s bond will likely post today but this doesn’t look good for the young rapper who is still dealing with charges from a domestic battery case.