Necks To Blow: Viral Neck Guy


In order to go viral in today’s world you have to be unique and this necks ..I mean next dude has the world’s attention. Charles Dion McDowell aka Neck Guy went viral after his mugshot was released. Now the whole world is wondering WTF is wrong with his neck.  Well check out some strange facts about the Neck Guy in this video down below:



Charles Dion McDowell, better known as Neck Guy, recently rose to internet fame after his mugshot went viral. We made a post on my Instagram account which pulled in 1000’s of likes giving me the idea that I should make a Before They Were Famous on this man. Problem is, it was hard to do a Background Neck on this man cause he’s living offline. No Facebook, No Intagram, No Twitter. No Problem… We’ve decided to piece together a Top 5 Strange Facts you need to know about Neck guy