Nicki Minaj Beefing With DJ Self And Airing Out Her Dirty Laundry With Safaree

The promo for Nicki Minaj’s new album “Queen” has been all about the beef. She called DJ Self a “bitter,” “reality TV hoe.. used to be a respected DJ” adding that he “passed up on ya meal tkt now u get crumbs from her table.” DJ Self responded saying he never even knew they had beef until Nicki refused to do a drop for his radio show. Well some of the artists that DJ self put on like Mariahlynn and Jessica Dime then chimed in.





Nicki also went to war with her ex boyfriend Safaree on Twitter. The former couple went back and forth with Safaree saying Nicki stabbed him once meanwhile Nicki is mad she paid for his hair plugs.




Nicki said Tyga went to the same doctor that Safaree went to but his didn’t fall out. Damn! Now she has Tyga in the mix. Read more of the drama below:


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