Nicki Minaj – Chun-Li (Official Music Video) | Plus Celebs Reactions!

Nicki  Minaj’s got a banger on her hands with Chun-Li.  Hit play and turn it up below. The whole video is a thirst trap:



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See the celebs turning up to the track below:



Wait hold on. Yo did hell freeze over? ? wait ??? I wasn’t in NY so idk if this rlly happened. This COULD be a fake video. ??‍♀️ Were bombs dropped on #ChunLi? Did Flex say this record #HARD????? Did Joe say this record #HARD? Did Rosenberg say #QUEEN????? Man, all I’ll say is THANK YOU. Takes real niggaz to do this. I don’t mind criticism, but hating on smthn that’s clearly hard AF will only make you look less credible, miserable, & prove your issues are PERSONAL & unwarranted. So respect to everyone showin love. I haven’t asked anyone to promote my music. Haven’t buttered anyone up behind the scenes, haven’t booked their show, reached out, NOTHING! I simply dropped music & hoped that the REAL ones (even ppl who’ve said negative things in the past) would acknowledge & give credit when/where it’s due. I wrote #BarbieTingz AND #ChungLi verses & HOOKS on BOTH; but I’m most proud that as a young black female rapper, I signed a producer and CO-Produced #BarbieTingz WITH him. S/O @jreidtheproducer. I do a lot of co producing & post production but that overall picture isn’t usually painted of me as an artist; so Id be lying if I said this doesn’t feel great. Check out these 3 videos & click the link in my bio

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? @kinggoldchains having a lil fun in the sun. ? Bitch it’s KING KONG! #ChunLi

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?? @angelasimmons on her #BarbieTingz Queens girls ??‍♀️

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It’s looking unanimous out there. What do you think of the smash single?