Nicki Minaj Vs Anyone and EVERYONE! Listen To DJ Envy Defend DJ Self Over Minaj’s Threats

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DJ Envy is not feeling the threats Nicki Minaj sent out to DJ Self.   Nicki Minaj went on a Twitter rant and accused DJ Self of being petty after she refused to give Self a drop and a hug. She thinks that’s the reason Self went on the radio and said Cardi B had the best album. Just to get under Nicki’s skin.

So when Minaj hurled some threats at Self telling him she would have her goons confront him, DJ Envy went on the air with The Breakfast Club and said if Nicki’s sending threats then he’ll instruct all Power105 DJs to stop playing her music.  Listen down below and hear it for yourself..



What’s your take on this whole drama. Either way it should help Nicki mover more units because that allegedly hasn’t been looking to good.