NYPD Launches “Rap Unit” To Monitor Crime At Hip Hop Concerts


NYPD Announces "rap unit"

It has just been revealed that the NYPD has launched a unit aimed at getting information by infiltrating themselves in the hip hop scene. The “Rap Unit,” is on-the-ground operations conducted by the department’s Enterprise Operations Unit. Undercover investigators and officers are being planted at certain events to gather intelligence on individuals that are on their radar. One of the unit’s targets is Remy Ma. They were present during a 2018 Irving Plaza performance and said that she was in contact with Jahmeek “Jah” Elliot who is also currently on parole.

Remy Ma’s attorney Dawn Florio says, Remy doesn’t even known Elliot and spoke about the “Rap Unit,” “My impression of the hip-hop police is they’re this shadowy, specialized unit that conducts overly aggressive investigations.” She added, “They’re constantly stalking high-profile rap artists and monitoring their every move.”

A spokeswoman for the NYPD says their new unit is not discriminating. “The Enterprise Operations Unit focuses on venues or entertainers that have been connected with past acts of violence — regardless of musical genre. The primary goal of EOU is to anticipate, based on past incidents, where there is a significant likelihood of violence, and to take steps to prevent people from being hurt, or worse.” She explained that the unit, “continues to gather additional intelligence by responding to shootings and assaults that may occur at all kinds of entertainment venues.”