Pistol Pete Sends Threat To French Montana

Pistol Pete sent a warning to French Montana that he’s coming for him. Pete, an OG gangster and member of Terror Squad, used the be friends with French but says he’s changed. He posted this throwback photo with a serious message, “Me and this funny guy, before he came up and change and got like the rest of the bad boy family gay ass Niggas. @frenchmontana New year I got my show coming. #loyaltyiseverything #yapmusic ??? expose all these fucking pussies in this fake ass industry. #killallrats4life #killallrats4life”


pistol pete sends threat to french montana


Pete has faced over 17 years in prison for various things. French has yet to respond to these threats publicly, instead he’s busy snorkeling in the Maldives.

french montana on vaca not responding to threats