Post Malone Escapes Both Car Crash and Home Invasion This Week

Recently, Post Malone thought he’d faced the scariest thing one can think of- his plane almost crashing when its tires blew out. But this week has proven to be even more difficult. First he got into a terrible car crash which totalled his Rolls Royce in West Hollywood. Check out the damage.



Luckily Posty walked away without a scratch. When you’re a celeb you just upgrade to a new better car when you get into a wreck.



Now it has been revealed that Post Malone was also the intended target of a home invasion in the  San Fernando Valley of LA.  Three men stormed into a house and stole $20k worth of jewelry, cash and electronics. The thugs shouted “Where’s Post Malone” but the problem is he doesn’t live in that house anymore.  With all this and the loss of his friend Mac Miller, Posty was left with some questions about faith. He tweeted out, “God Must Hate Me lol.”