Power Move? Jay-Z Is Interested In A Stake In The Weinstein Co

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Now that Harvey Weinstein has been forced out of his company over allegations regarding rampant sexual harassment, Jay-Z wants in to the indie movie powerhouse.



Jay Z is interested in buying Harvey Weinstein’s share of The Weinstein Company. Decades of sexual harassment allegations against the film producer have recently come to light, leading to weinstein being fired from his company. Weinstein previously had a 23% stake in the company. Jay-Z signed a production deal with The Weinstein Company in 2016 and is reportedly looking to expand his relationship with the production house. Sources say the rapper and entrepreneur is most interested in acquiring an equity stake, which may be possible following weinsteins departure.

If you ask us, The Weinstein Company will need a complete re-branding because the name alone is going to be toxic. Do you think this a smart business decision by Carter?