Finances Aren’t R. Kelly’s Strong Suit. Singer Has Negative $13 Bank Balance!

R Kelly Has Negative Balance In His Bank Account


R. Kelly is having a tough time right now. Not only is he fighting an uphill legal battle facing 10 counts of sexual abuse in Chicago but the accused pedophile is financially running on fumes. The Blast is reporting the following:


The singer had $150,000 seized, leaving one of his bank accounts in the red.

According to court documents, Wintrust Bank, where Kelly holds an account, informed one of his creditors (his former landlord) that the singer currently has a balance of negative $13 with them.


We all have seen Kelly’s interview and can tell that the singer is not financially literate but this is beyond ridiculous. The man has made millions in his career and now he sits at negative $13 in his account – crazy!


Kelly did have two other accounts with Bank of America — holding $44,595.58 and $110,056.64, for a grand total of $154,527.22 — but everything but $625 was seized by his former landlord to settle a massive debt owed.


It appears Kelly’s well has run completely dry and he will have to resort to performing as many of these high paid club gigs as he can book.


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