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Listen As Rapper Big HEATH Roasts His Trolls In ‘CLAPBACK’

Meet Big Heath The Viral London Artist


Who TF is Big Heath?



Viral sensation Big Heath is an English rapper from Cambridge who dropped a hilarious roast track called ‘CLAPBACK’. The overweight rapper with the baritone voice is drumming up a lot of press because of his mix of humor and his unconventional look. Heath used to play soccer (seriously) for fun as a goalie and his creative videos are garnering him a serious fan base. His Instagram account is blowing up with over 37k followers and growing fast.

Big Heath is a self described “weird” and “different” rap artist


Big Heath sat down with the Best Of British radio show and spoke with @YourHostRob (check him out) to discuss his creative process to making music and videos (listen below). Big Heath explains how he considers himself an old school rap fan from Cambridge who enjoys fish & chips and playing Xbox. Big Heath wants rap fans to “understand him more and understand the direction he is trying to go in.” Heath feels his music is different because he is different and with quality production he hopes to become hot in and outside of London. Check out the interview below and see some of Big Heath’s hilarious Instagram pictures.

Big Heath funny Instagram photos (3)

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Big Heath funny Instagram photos (3)

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