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Read This Letter From The Infamous “King Tut”


Today’s TBT video is from a much wiser King Tut.  Infamous street crime figure, Walter “King Tut” Johnson, is mostly associated with Tupac’s Quad Studio Shooting even though he insists he had nothing to do with it.  Johnson had this to say about the shootings; “I can understand why the Tupac fans would not like me… but I want them to know that I’m definitely not responsible for his attempted assassination, nor did I have anything to do with his assassination.”  “Find me guilty if I’m wrong. Prosecute me to the fullest degree of the law possible… Even though I was a bad guy in my younger years, I didn’t do this.”


Tut however was one of the most feared stick up men of his time. His rap sheet is extensive and includes:

  • A stickup of 300 Jehovah’s Witnesses at gunpoint in his mother’s Kingdom Hall church in June 1982
  • Armed Robbery of a dozen passengers aboard a Queens-to-Brooklyn city bus
  • Criminal possession of a weapon
  • Three armed robberies and more but you get the point


He was also tried (and cleared) for a 1993 Brooklyn barbershop shooting of Police Officer Richard Aviles, who was left partially paralyzed.  Allegedly Tut bragged about getting away with the crime.  Johnson has the unfortunate distinction of being the first New York City resident prosecuted under the three-strikes provision of the 1994 federal crime bill.  Now serving life behind bars, Tut, has had a change of heart about his criminal past.  Read the below letter via Infominds, where Tut writes about righting his wrongs and mentions 50 cent and Uncle Murda.