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Remy Ma Releases A String of Stalker Text Messages From Azealia Banks

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Yes Azealia Banks is back with her crazy drama and she’s coming for Remy Ma this time. Azealia didn’t take kindly to the fact that Remy said when she was released from prison there weren’t a lot of female rappers in the game.

Banks posted this snapshot and said “Ahem…. let me rephrase … Remy … you absolutely must step your shit up. The music you have been releasing is some serious old head rap shit and it’s 100% unfair that you stand up on your reality tv booster seat and make any statements about female rap as if you have done a single thing to move the cultural needle since you’ve been home. It is not 2000… battle rapping is dead. Gun clapping is not chic .. you are struggling to keep up with the rest of female rap and it’s time you seriously leave the nicki minaj subs and disses at home. No more auntie antics in 2018… for arts’ sake……”

Remy then released a series of screenshots of Azealia’s stalker text messages. Banks sent her all sorts of crazy things like saying she wanted vaginal rejuvenation, that she was asked to be on Love & Hip Hop too, dissing Nicki Minaj, and saying she was depressed. If anything these messages show how desperate and manic Banks is.

Remy said, “I got a year and a half more of u stalking me, hating on ya new fave, & getting ignored… I’m officially airing out ALL y’all chicks that was on MY line heavy when I touched down & now all of a sudden got amnesia?Operation NEVER taking my foot off they neck has commenced…(& normally I’m against exposing private sh*t when things go left but y’all broads crazyyy)”