Remy Ma Shows Off 6 Month Baby Bump


Remy Ma isn’t letting her pregnancy slow her down. Even though she is 6 months pregnant she showed up for Fat Joe’s birthday party. She had to show her bestie some love. Remy posted a message to Fat Joe on social media saying “I love you sooo much and you’ve taught me so many things that I hold dear to my heart. I met you when I was a teenager still in high school, you bought the babycrib for my son – who is now 18yrs old, took me on my 1st tour, we got our first #1 together, we go on diets together ?I call you being OD annoyinggggg and make sure our outfits coordinate when we have to perform together ??‍♀️☺️and you never complain, you beat guys up for me, I beat girls up for you lol”



Remy is clearly enjoying her pregnancy glow. She looks amazing carrying what Papoose is calling the Golden Child. Here’s a closer pic of her growing belly.

remy ma growing pregnancy belly


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