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Mysonne & Hocus 45th Both Reply To J. Prince’s Public Post Regarding YBN Almighty Incident

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The general consensus regarding J. Prince’s public post regarding YBN Almighty’s chain snatching seems to be – 1. We respect you (J. Prince) but 2. Please keep us out of this situation, especially while communicating on social media.   We can’t fault the artists for their response because this situation may have legal repercussions and nobody wants to get caught up in that.


Both Mysonne and Hasan a/k/a Hocus 45 were tagged via J. Prince’s original post and both responded accordingly. Read their responses below:

mysonnenygeneral response to J. Prince


First of all I want to state that I dont condone this type of juvenile behavior! Neither I nor any one affiliated with me conducts themselves in this manner ! With that being said I respect@jprincerespect for what you have done for the culture and the way you have been A1 from day one, But I myself have conducted myself in a manner which demands a certain level of respect and consideration and the message you relayed on your instagram post was inappropriate. Had you or mutual friends or acquaintances of ours reached out me thru Dm or phone I would have seen fit to reach out to anyone needed to right this wrong , on the premise of mutual respect and Admiration but as a result of this msg I have cowards on my page telling me “I better get that chain back” etc..The way your msg was delivered can be interpreted as more of a threat than a call out to allies to resolve a potential Catastrophic situation. These are kids who are not in my direct circle, and your msg puts me and what I represent in jeopardy. I want to believe that you meant it in all love and respect king, but unfortunately Social media was not the correct place to seek a solution to this problem, but on the contrary it may have done more harm. Please king utilize your Dm or use our mutual friends to connect with me and let’s connect and Attempt to unite and fix all miscommunication. Respectfully Mysonne


Hasan Harris hocus 45th response to J. Prince



First I wanna start by saying I respect everything you did for the culture and I respect you as a god father of hiphop and of the streets @jprincerespect … Your name has always been A1 in these streets… and I tilt my hat to you for that, but Since you said to ignore this is a recipe for disaster and I was tagged in your post I have to tell you that I’m SEX MONEY MURDER my nigga and we don’t give it up like this. I don’t do this internet shit. My brothers blew trial in the feds because they used our music and social media… I beat trial facing life in Prison! IDK who told you to tag me but I’m a street nigga for real!. Had you hit me up personally through DM or by other means privately I would have made some calls to see what I could do because I respect u as a real OG but you went to social media and even said the person name who allegedly robbed him?‍♂️… I don’t want my name publicly attached to a public robbery.. the FEDS have my picture at the top of a pyramid on a blackboard my nigga!…The Bronx is my hometown and my hometown has been good to me! You really expect us to just flip on our Borough? Niggas get robbed everyday B?‍♂️…I respect ya shit but your approach wasn’t right on this OG…To all the youth out here stop recording yourselves doing shit like this… this social media shit will bring you down… they are using this against us in a court of law!!! Take it from somebody who been there.. I was fortunate to beat trial but not everybody get that lucky… #ImfromCastlehill#ImfromSoundview #Hocus45th #BXBoro(@jprincejr) we respect y’all but this wasn’t right
As you can see they both clearly have respect for J. Prince but they just don’t understand why he didn’t reach out privately.  YBN Almighty’s injuries seem much more serious than the kick we saw on video.  According to TMZ:


Jay was jumped by several guys around midnight in the lobby of a residential building in Manhattan, and after he tried to flee he got dragged back into a more serious assault.

Our sources say along with getting stomped on and having his chains jacked, Jay got stabbed several times with a blade … and suffered head and facial lacerations when someone cracked a Hennessy bottle over his head.



With that much damage sustained the police are sure to be searching for the culprits and the last thing any unrelated party wants is to be wrapped up in this mess.


Editors note: Hocus’s Roll Call definitely deserves more views than this beef ?: