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Roddy Ricch Explains Meeting Kendrick Lamar Then Being Mentored By Him

Roddy Ricch talks about Kendrick Lamar as mentor

Roddy Ricch explains how his admiration for Kendrick Lamar led to a chance meeting when he was a teen. Ricch explains,  “I rapped for him when I was twelve years old, when “Rigamortis” was out. Maybe I wasn’t twelve, maybe fourteen, some sh*t like that. I had rapped for him back then. He was like, ‘you good.'”

In an amazing chance of event, Roddy ended up being mentored by Lamar later on in life and is now one of the hottest rising stars. Ricch says,  “I know he not going to steer me wrong. He’s not a person that’s going to come into the light and really say nothing that’s not true or misguide me. Because he don’t come out for a lot of people.”

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