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Roddy Ricch Explains Why He Doesn’t Look Up To Tupac and Biggie

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roddy ricch talks muscial influences

Roddy Ricch says he doesn’t look up with Tupac and Biggie. It’s no disrespect but he says “I was born in 98. I was born after Tupac and Biggie died.” He continued to explain that instead he looks up to Young Thug and Future. “What do you expect me to rap like? Who do you expect me to look up to? These niggas was the soundtrack to my life at one point, when I was in the trenches doing bad, and crying, and really going through it. These were my niggas getting me through this shit,” he details.

He also told Complex that Nipsey introduced him to Thugga and Thugg believed in Roddy enough to place a bet on his success. He added another big influence is Kendrick Lamar who “taught me that life experience is an important part of being a good illustrator.”