Fans attending the Panorama Music Festival this Saturday were disappointed that the rapper missed his set claiming his flight was delayed due to weather conditions. An announcement was made on the stage just 15 minutes before his set.  An anonymous source, who we are guessing is an executive at the festival’s production company, is saying,  “He didn’t want to do it. This was going on for days, like three days. He just did not want to do the festival.” The source went on to say that ever since his arrest in 2007, Lil Wayne hates to play in NYC as he feels he is always a target.


Wayne’s lawyer debuncts this rumor saying,  “All incorrect. I was there at the festival. We wanted to do the show. We had a flight delay. We tried to switch with Gucci Mane and go on at 8:30 p.m. Why would someone turn hundreds of thousands of dollars down in a city where he just did Summer Jam?”