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Rumor Report: Was T.I. Caught Cheating Again?

A fan posted this Snapchat video of what appears to be T.I. backstage at a show in Indiana. He kisses and smacks the ass of a woman that allegedly isn’t his wife Tiny.


The woman in the video is allegedly Greenleaf actress Asia’h Epperson.

is ti cheating again

The video came after T.I. posted a statement from a study on why men don’t want to get married. Tip posted the information with the comment, “I thought I’d share… and mind you, I DIDNT WRITE THIS,A WOMAN DID…. but I do agree to a degree. I’ve heard it,& seen this a million times over. Note to women: Happiness needs no validation….The Ego does. Most women out there nowadays just wanna be married to impress they friends,family (his side pieces) and fit into society’s standards. THATS NOT LOVE!!! That’s how you end up stuck with someone YOU THOUGHT YOU WANTED!!!! No matter what… Whatever you do… Do what you do to make YOU HAPPY!!! -The End”

is T.I. and tiny marriage over