Russell Simmons Daughter, Aoki Accepted To Harvard At 16 Years-Old


Aoki Lee, the daughter of Kimora Lee and Russell Simmons has just been accepted into Harvard at only 16 years-old. Kimora caught the moment Aoki found out on video and she couldn’t be prouder.



Russell boastfully said, “Kimora Myself or Tim didn’t have to pull any strings or pay anyone to get her in ? she made it on her own academic merit Aoki lee you are source of pride and inspiration to me, your whole family and the whole world at large As you know ..and should always remember ….We love u unconditionally Whether u have “success or failure” in the world …” He also called Kimora,  “the very best mother on the planet” adding “none of this is possible w/out her congratulations.”

Sister Ming Lee says she admired that Aoki was always focused on getting into Harvard saying, “This is an amazing accomplishment for anyone but especially for my sister. Growing up my sister always told me and others that she was going to go to Harvard. It was never a “maybe,” the answer when people asked was just ‘I’m going to Harvard.'”