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See It: Drunk Dude Tossed Off Of L Train After Racial Tirade!

Drunk Dude Pushed From L Train

Talk about a ride from hell. A visibly drunk man created chaos on the L train by spewing racial epithets.

The ​white ​man, who was openly drinking a can of Lime​​-A-Rita on the L train as it barreled through the tunnel toward Brooklyn just before 2 p.m. on Saturday, was already in the middle of a fit when ​rider Joshua Pyne turned a camera on him and caught him yelling about his ​First ​A​mendment rights​. He repeatedly ​uttered the N-word.

“I talk s–t because I know I can,” the drunk ​shouted. “I’m a lawyer. I went to NYU law.”

His alleged law degree didn’t help him when passengers had enough of his rant. The crowd then shoved him out the door onto the platform. A man can be seen kicking at the downed drunk  several times and a woman  threw soup at him, which landed all over his arm.