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Shyne Calls Out 50 Cent As Confidential Informant!??!


While 50 Cent is enjoying life and flossing on social media,  a trending video is accusing him of working with the police.  The accuser is former Bad Boy artist Shyne!


Shyne speaks with Mikey T The Movie Star of Report Card Radio About Meeting 50 Cent for the first time when he was writing for Puff Daddy’s 2nd Album “Forever” Shyne remembers that 50 Cent was surrounded by New York Police and Had Not Sold 1 Record at this point this was just after he was Assaulted by Ja Rule and Murder Inc at the Hit Factory Studio..


Listen to the clip down below:



Most people would say; “show us the paperwork or kick rocks.”  But Shyne is talking about his first hand experience meeting Fifty. What do you think about his allegations against 50 Cent?


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